Creating Collections

To create a collection go to a project and select some images you wish to add to the collection (like the example below):

From the tools at the bottom of the project window, click the Collection button.

In the overlay that comes up, you may:

  1. Choose "New Collection",
  2. Put in an appropriate name for your new collection,
  3. Choose the folder location, and
  4. Click continue.

Alternatively: If the collection already exists, and more images must be added to it, from the above options choose "Existing Collection" instead and search for the name of the collection in the type-ahead field to find the collection, as shown below.

Repeat these steps to add more images from other projects to your collection.

Time-Saving Workflow

If you are gathering a large sampling of photos from many projects, instead of repeating the above steps several times from every project, use the following technique.

First, clear the Bin before starting.

Every time you are in a project and would like to save a photo to a collection, click the "Bin" button to add the images to the Bin.   

Repeat this step as you gather and curate your collection from several projects. When you are done with gathering your images, click the purple "My Bin" button to see all your images together. Now click the "Collection" button at the bottom of the window, and follow the directions above.

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