What Is Browser Verification?

Browser verification is a security feature in DF Studio designed to prevent unauthorized users from breaking into an account with stolen credentials. This feature safeguards against unauthorized logins from previously unverified browsers by requiring manual verification from the email associated with the account.

The first time you log in to your account from a new/unverified browser, you will be prompted to enter a “Browser Verification” code. An email containing the verification code is sent to the email address associated with the login credentials. Once the emailed code has been entered, the browser is verified for future use with the account. This step will be repeated with the same browser if the cache is cleared.



If you have received a "Browser Verification Required" email but had not logged into your account, it means that someone  attempted to log in with your user and password from a browser you have never used before. (The verification email is only sent when the correct login and password are used.)

Though we highly recommend keeping the Browser Verification feature enabled, it is a preference that can be disabled by going to Account Settings -> Security Settings.

Also, users at the Account Admin level may view and manage browsers that have been verified for use with the account by going to Account Settings -> Verified Browsers. This allows revoking access to a previously verified browser.

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