Sending A Multi-Messenger

The Multi-Messenger, available to enterprise clients only, allows users to queue multiple projects and send them all in one convenient Messenger link. For instance, a television network may need to provide the entire coverage of a season of a show to the producing studio or a design agency. With the Multi-Messenger, the resulting messenger opens one link with a table of contents containing links to each of the projects or collections. The viewer can navigate from one project to the next in one browser window. For file importing purposes, the messenger's single link will import all assets, keeping all project and setup organization intact.

There are several ways to initiate a Multi-Messenger.

a) Inside a project folder, select any project or collection, and click “Queue for Send” in the right-hand Actions menu.

b) In “All Projects” view, select one or several projects, and click “Queue for Send” under the "Details" menu.
c) Inside a project or collection, you may click “Queue for Send” in the "Project Inspector" to queue the current job.

When all the jobs have been queued, click the “Send Queued” button in the left navigation bar to initiate the Wizard.

An initial overlay will appear, where queued jobs can be removed before continuing.

Once you click continue, the Messenger Wizard’s options will be self-explanatory.

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