Enterprise Asset API

The DF Studio Enterprise Asset API provides Enterprise customers programmatic access to their Assets (Images) in the system.  With this API an Enterprise can query Assets, download Files, and update Custom Metadata.  This API follows our standard REST API conventions used in our Upload API, and can be inspected by going to [your domain]/api/v1/session.html.

This API is restricted to Enterprise and Unlimited accounts and Users in a group with the "Asset API Access" privilege.  This API requires authentication and uses session URLs.


  • assets: Listing and fetching of Assets in the system
  • asset/ID/files: Listing and downloading Files for a given Asset  
  • asset/ID/metadata: Listing and updating Metadata for an Asset

Asset Resource

Assets can be filtered using any combination of the following criteria as parameters on the GET request:
  • custom.[fieldName]=value: internally coded values, check with DF Studio Engineering on acceptable values
  • file.fileType=type:  has a file with this file extension
  • file.isStoredActive=true|false: has at least one file stored active
  • file.isStoredCold=true|false: has at least one file stored cold
  • limit=N: at most N items will be returned, unless N is greater than system maximum of 5000
  • offset=N: skip over N items
  • page=N: skips to the Nth page of results, the first page returned is page=1, overrides offset
  • order=[id | displayName | addedDate | createdDate ]: sorting of results

File Resource

In order to download a file you must first GET the file then download the fileUrl.  FileUrl is a temporary URL and will expire 1 hour after it has been generated.

Files can be moved to active or cold storage by posting to the rest.self url with the parameter isStoredActive=true or isStoredCold=true

Metadata Resource

All the metadata for the asset is listed in with this Resource.  Only "dfstudio" and "custom" fields can be updated.  

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