Download Multiple Files Using DF Studio Downloader

DF Studio allows for single file downloads using a couple of methods discussed in this article. Downloading multiple files, however, requires the DF Studio Downloader (click here to learn about installing the DF Studio Downloader.)

Once our downloader application is installed, files can be obtained from DF Studio by clicking the Download button at the bottom of any project.

The download pane will present the following options:

Depending on what types of original files were uploaded to the project, there will be file type options to choose from.

Note: DF Studio previews can be downloaded using the DF Studio Downloader (top options) OR downloaded all at once in a zip file (bottom two buttons).

Clicking on the Download Files button will launch the application, and will give you an opportunity to change the download location.

Clicking the Download To button will allow you to choose a new destination from your finder.

Select any folder or click New Folder to create a new download location, and click Select.

You will then be guided back to the downloader, and you may start your download by clicking OK. The DF Studio Downloader will begin the download process and will display feedback about destination, download time, file size and errors.

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