Install the DF Studio Downloader

  1. Download the latest version of DF Studio Downloader here.
  2. A zip file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Double click to unzip.
  3. Move the application to your Applications folder.
Released in June 2014, the DF Studio Downloader is a small file download application that allows DF Studio account holders and download messenger recipients to download multiple original files. This native desktop application, available for OS X (10.8+), Windows (7+) and Linux, was designed to simplify and streamline the download process.

Once installed, clicking the Download link in DF Studio will automatically launch the application and prompt for a download location. DF Studio Messenger URLs may also be pasted directly into the application. The app also provides download progress information, such as the current download rate and a running total of the data downloaded. No additional software must be installed (e.g. Java is not required) and the application is signed with a secure certificate. 

NOTE: For those running operating systems older than Mac OS X 10.8, the link to the older Java Web Start version is still available (in finer print).

  • In any project, switch to Files View and click Download. In the download overlay, click the option "Download using Java Web Start Downloader".

  • In messengers, look for the Java Web Start link here:


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