DFS Speed Link: 4. Uploading Multiple Projects with Login Credentials

In the most recent release of Speed Link, a new feature has been added that allows a user to upload several folders as separate projects. Consider the example below. We have a folder called "Cities" and we want the subfolders to each become a separate project in DF Studio. The name of the root folder is not important: It can be called "Cities" or something else, such as "Bulk Upload" or "Tourism". Only the names of the subfolders will be important in the upload process.

To begin, first log in to DF Studio. Then switch to the the "Multiple Projects" tab.

Optional: Choose a folder from the line up of DF Studio folders (these are the same folders that are listed in your DF Studio account.)

Optional: Add an additional folder that will contain the project that you will be uploading. Click "Continue" to advance to the next step.

Find the root folder containing the subfolders that are to become projects. In this example, our folder name is "Cities". Click "Select Folder of Projects" to continue.

Files will load into the Speed Link interface, and the names of the subfolders will appear under the "Projects" column. Click upload to start.

The screenshot below illustrates the resulting uploads from the current example in DF Studio .

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