DFS Speed Link: 3. Uploading to A Single Project with Login Credentials

Once successfully logged in using valid DF Studio log-in credentials, Speed Link will display the following window.

In the "New Project" tab, enter a new project name and click continue.

, you may select a subfolder where you'd like to store the project. You may also flesh out the details of the project by clicking on the "Show Details" drop down menu to reveal additional project metadata fields.

Clicking "Continue" will advance you to the upload interface.

Drag and drop your files from your finder into the window to load the photos and prepare them for uploading.

Be sure to pay attention to the "Setup" checkboxes. This option allows you to upload your files with the folder structure from your desktop. The screen captures below illustrate the difference in these two options. Click here to learn more about setups in DF Studio.

Click "Upload" to start the upload process.

A Few Other Notes:

  1. During your upload process, some files may encounter errors. Do not stop your uploads for these errors. Speed Link will detect these errors at the end of your upload and will prompt you to retry.
  2. If your upload appears to be stuck, you may toggle the "Upload" button once or twice to reinstate your upload.
  3. If Speed Link happens to crash, you may log in again, and re-upload your images to the same project by switching to the "Existing Projects" tab and choosing your project from the lineup. You may also search for the project name in the search box provided.


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