Using DF Studio Image Search

DF Studio's powerful search box is designed to make finding images as simple as possible by searching across many fields at once, such as image name, keyword, project name, setup name and photographer. For those who want more control, an advanced search page can be used to search on specific fields; alternatively operators may be used for more fine-grained searches.

Multiple words entered into the search field are "ANDed" together. For example, entering celebrity cover means to find images with the words "celebrity" and "cover" in any of the fields in the search index. A minus sign (-) may be used to filter images containing a term. For example, celebrity cover -glamour means to find images that have the words "celebrity" and "cover" but do not contain "glamour". A * character (wildcard) may be used to search on a prefix. For example, cloud* would match cloud, clouds and cloudy. Quotation marks may be used around terms to find exact phrases.

DF Studio image search uses field weighting to increase or decrease the relevance of certain fields. The current weighting is: keywords: 1.3, image_name: 1.2, caption: 1.1, setup_name: 0.9, project_name: 0.8. This means that when searching for "House", for example, images that have a "house" keyword are ranked higher than those with "house" in the project or setup name.

Image searches are automatically "faceted" on keywords and project names. These facets appear above the search results and make it easy to "explore" within a set of search results. Clicking on a facet filters the results to just images that match that facet's criterion. For example, clicking a keyword "beauty" facet would limit the results to only images that have the "beauty" keyword. Multiple facets may be clicked to further refine the search. Facets may also be removed to un-filter the results.

There are a number of operations that can be done right in the Image Search Results by selecting multiple images:
  • Add to Bin
  • Add to Collection
  • Metadata (Batch Metadata editor)
  • Download
  • Send (Messenger)
  • The tabbed results screen make it easy to switch between result types. Clicking on the either of the Images or Projects tabs shows the matching results for the last search terms(s). The next search performed will default to the last-used result type. Use the Previous button (when enabled) to return to the last search results seen - useful if you've navigated to elsewhere within the application and want to get back to your last search results.

The Search Menu button (stacked lines graphic between the Search and Previous buttons) provides a link to the Advanced Search page. This page allows performing very specific searches on selected fields. For example, the Folder drop down menu can be used to limit the search to a particular folder (and any nested folders) or the Date field can limit the search to images shot during a certain time period.

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