Uploading as an Upload User

An "Upload User" in DF Studio is able to log into DF Studio and initiate uploads. The upload user has a login and password but has limited access to DF Studio; it can only create projects and upload files.

This tool was designed for those photographers that actively and regularly contribute to employers who are DF Studio account holders. Examples of such a relationship would be a union photographer working regularly on a show produced by a studio, or a press photographer who must have immediate access to upload for a news agency.

As a contributing photographer, you may use external upload tools, like DF Studio Speed Link or PhotoMechanic; you may also login to you client's DF Studio site from your browser to use a special “upload-only” web interface.

NOTE: Most enterprise clients have their own login URL matching this schema: companyname.dfstudio.com.

At first login, you will be prompted to create a new password.

After changing your password, you will be directed to the New Project tab in the Upload User interface.

Under the New Project tab, create a project by entering the details of your project in the fields provided (Note: By default the photographer box will be populated with your user name).

After completing the form, click the Create Project and Continue button to go to the upload page.

See the following article for details on uploading using web uploader: http://feedback.dfstudio.com/knowledgebase/articles/311588-uploading-your-first-project

Note: If an upload fails or if at a later date you have more files to add to an existing project, you may switch to the Existing Projects tab to continue adding files to a project. Your projects will remain visible in your uploads list until your DF Studio administrator moves your jobs to a different directory.

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