What is a LIVE Messenger?

LIVE messengers share all images in the source project or collection including any images added in the future to that project. A LIVE Messenger is a great way to share, in real-time, the content of a project with messenger recipients. It is an ideal tool to use on the day of a photo shoot or live event, when there are clients off-site wanting to see the newest photos that are being shot and uploaded.

To send a LIVE Messenger, initiate the messenger wizard by clicking the "Send" button at the bottom of the project window. In the first step of the "Send Messenger" overlay, choose the second option, "LIVE Messenger."

All other steps following this initial one are the same as sending a regular messenger.

Messenger recipients can refresh their view by clicking the "Refresh" button, which will allow them to see the latest images uploaded to the project.



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