Sharing Edits in Real Time with LIVE Messenger

In addition to sharing files, a LIVE messenger will allow two parties to share their edits in real time. One party must be the account holder, while the other is a messenger recipient. The steps below describe this process.

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First, the account holder can perform some edits by clicking the “1”, “2”, or “Kill” buttons located under each thumbnail. (This is optional. The sender can also initiate this process without making any edits and skipping to the next step.)

Then, begin sending the images to a client or collaborator by clicking the "Send" button at the bottom of the project window. Select the LIVE Messenger option from the “Send Messenger” overlay and click Continue.

In the messenger options, check the "Edits" box under
Show Mine in the Feedback section. This action will ensure that the sender's (account holder's) edits are visible to the recipient.

 The recipient will open the Messenger and see the following layout. Notice the account holder's select levels called "Sender’s Edits."


With LIVE Messenger, the recipient can make his own edits immediately, and with the click of the Refresh button can view the latest edits from the sender.

The sender/account holder will have to click the “Refresh” button in the project, and view the latest selects by activating the edit sent back from the messenger recipient under the "EDITS" drop-down menu . In the example below, the recipient was


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