Uploading Your First Project

After completing the sign-up process, the below image is the first page that is displayed in DF Studio, with direction to upload your first project.

A project is the basic container for a set of images, such as a photo shoot, some scanned images, or any other set of files like video clips, PDF'S, etc. DF Studio accepts all file types, including Microsoft Office files. However, a preview image is only generated from picture files and PDFs. All other files will be displayed by the icons associated with their file type.

To begin uploading to a new project, click on the green button located at the lower left corner of your browser or on the "New Project" button at the bottom of your browser window.

Name your project, and click Create Project. Once the project is created, click on the "Upload" button to see a series of upload choices in an overlay window.

From the Upload overlay choose “Web Upload Images” to directly upload from your browser.

Note: The “Launch Speed Link” button will launch the SpeedLink application (Mac only), if you have it already installed on your computer. Further details can be found in our Uploads knowledge base

The “Web Upload Images” button will generate a pop-up window with two choices:

a) Select the files through the file browser,

b) Drag and drop the files into the grey upload box.

Below is an example of an uploaded set of images into a project.

Once the web uploader is done, you may close the upload window and refresh your browser to see the newly uploaded project.

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