Signing Up for a Free Trial Account in DF Studio

Start your 15-day trial and select the price level that best suits your needs and requirements. Visit for pricing information.

Once on the “Create Your Account” page, fill in your contact information, check the “Terms of Use” check box to agree to our term and conditions, and you have just created your account!


You will receive an email with a temporary password, which you will be able to customize at your fist login. Make sure to keep your login credentials for future use.


Your free trial does not require billing information for the first 15 days. When the trial period ends, you will be notified via email to take further action. You may choose to subscribe by entering your billing information or cancel your account entirely. To cancel your account, you may simply stop logging in; the account will automatically cancel itself.

Please be advised that, once an account is canceled, all content will be deleted permanently with no option to retrieve your data. 

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