Download Multiple Files without DF Studio Downloader

For those running operating systems older than Mac OS X 10.8, DF Studio Downloader cannot be used for multiple file downloads. However, multiple file downloads are still possible with the link to the older Java Web Start downloader.

In any project, switch to Files View , which is located at the top right bar above the project thumbnails.

Click Download from this view and in the download overlay, click the option "Download using Java Web Start Downloader".

This action will download a file with a .jnlp file extension into your downloads folder. Double click on the file to open it.

You may see a security warning regarding opening this file. You can opt-out of seeing the window again by checking the two boxes shown below and clicking "Run".

The Java Web Start downloader will then launch and begin downloading to your downloads folder.

Visit the Possible Java problems knowledge base if you find you're having issues with this downloader.

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