Using DF Studio File Naming Guidelines for Automatic Setup Creation

Several of the DF Studio upload clients such as the Web Uploader, Photo Mechanic and Lightroom allow specifying the setup name before uploading files. Speed Link allows using the files' parent folder's name as the setup name ("Folders as Setups"). However, the default behavior of DF Studio is to create setups based on the uploaded filename. (See related article: What are Setups?)

If an uploaded file contains three parts, separated by two underscores (e.g. part1_part2_part3.jpg) then DF Studio will use the second part as the setup name. For example:

  • uploaded filename: 20130624-MS_doug-tree-colorful_001.jpg
  • resulting setup name: doug-tree-colorful

In the above example, the filename contains the date of the shoot, the initials of the photographer, the setup name, and the file number. This is just one example format that may be used. Business and Enterprise customers may also request a custom pattern if they have an existing naming format they would like to use instead of the DF Studio format.

When using Speed Link, use either the DF Studio file naming guidelines to automatically split photos into setups on upload, OR check the "Folders as Setups" option if you have divided your work into subfolders. The latter option supersedes file naming - you may only use one of the options, not both. 

An example of files named using DF Studio's format:

Setups in DF Studio automatically generated from filenames:

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