Downloading from A Messenger without DF Studio Downloader

This article will assist those receiving a download messenger from DF Studio to download original files. It is preferable to use the DFS Downloader to download files; however, for those that cannot install the downloader, they may use our Java Web Start method of download.

First, a download messenger from DF Studio will be received in the form of an email:
Clicking on the button enclosed in the email will open a link in the browser:

If an individual file is needed, the link next to each file can be clicked for quick access to that file.

If the entire batch must be downloaded, start by clicking on the "Java Web Start" text link at the top of the messenger:

This action will download a small Java application into your Downloads folder (or any folder specified in your browser’s preferences). You may find the Java file in the downloads queue of your browser (Safari and Firefox both display the progress of the latest downloads under the Downloads tool to the right of the address bar):

Double-click the .jnlp application file to launch the DF Studio Downloader and begin downloading files from the Messenger.

If your operating system’s security settings are set to warn you about opening a Java file, you may see the following dialog box.
Check both warning boxes to accept and click Run. Opening the Java file will start the DF Studio Downloader and files will begin to download:

Visit the Possible Java problems knowledge base article if you find you're having problems running Java on your computer.

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