DFS Speed Link: 2. Logging in with DF Studio Login Credentials

You may use your DF Studio login credentials to log into your account in DFS Speed Link. To do so, open Speed Link, click on "New Account", and enter your log-in credentials. (Note, after your first login, the information will be saved and you can access it under the "Select Recent Account" menu".)

The server URL is not the same for all clients. Please see the list below:

  • Individual/Professional Accounts: http://upload.dfstudio.com
  • Small Business Accounts: http://business.dfstudio.com
  • Enterprise Accounts: http://company.dfstudio.com (where "company" is usually a company's initials or small name, e.g. ibm, cnn, etc.)

Once you click on the "Use" button, you will be authenticated and ready to start your upload.

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