File Naming Guidelines for Photographers Uploading with Enterprise Client Assignment Keys

Many DF Studio enterprise clients, including FOX, AETN, SONY and WB, have upload requirements for their photographers in order to ensure the photos upload and archive correctly. Here are the guidelines for naming files properly:
  • First, no dots, commas or special characters should be used in a file name. The characters may be acceptable in DF Studio, but they create problems when photos are transferred to other platforms--especially older ones. For example, the below filename has a dot before the image number. This file name may be confusing on some platforms because it has mistakenly been named with two file extensions, .001 and .jpg.
  • Second, enterprise clients usually require that daily episodic coverage be divided into sub-folders--either by scene number, date, or other groupings. The correct naming convention to achieve groupings (called setups) is the following:

where "show" stands for an abbreviation (e.g. sp for SWAMP PEOPLE), or the entire show name if it's small enough (e.g. fringe for FRINGE), and "scnX" is scene number (e.g. scn13pt, or scn5, etc., BTS may be used for behind the scenes).

As for file numbers, always be sure to include as many preceding zeros as the total digits in the number of images in order to make sure files sort correctly.

A full example, therefore, would be: fringe_scn2pt_031.jpg OR sp_BTS_004.jpg
  • Third, please note the placement of the underscores. Only and exactly two underscores must be used before and after what is considered a setup name. DF Studio reads between the two underscores and separates the images into setups automatically. There is no further need for actual sub-folders on your desktop if files are named according to the above convention.

Other possible naming conventions can also be assigned based on client preferences. Sometimes, the setups are dates, and some clients like to have the initials of the photographer in the file name. So, the files can be named something like this: sp_20120224_GD001.jpg, where the date will be the setup name, and “GD” a photographer’s initials before the image number.

One last note: Those uploading with DF Speedlink, Lightroom or PhotoMechanic need not worry about using "folders as setups" if the files are named following the above guidelines. The "folders as setups" option supersedes file names. It should be used only in cases where files have not been named properly (especially useful in uploading gallery photography.)

This is how correct file naming will be received in DF Studio:

Setups Based on File Names

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